Testimonials ForMJ Thomas


I first hired MJ Thomas when I was moving from Missouri to Illinois in 1999. I needed a referral for an agent to help me buy my next home. MJ used her connections to find a realtor who landed me a terrific house that I stayed in for 10 years!

Since then I have been house hunting and reconnected with MJ. She is always very helpful in explaining trends, the buying/selling processes, and updating me with the latest laws and regulations surrounding the real estate market.

MJ is also a leader in her local community being an organizer for the 1st Annual Dunwoody Fall Festival where thousands attended.

MJ is extremely organized, calm, and gracious. She is forward-thinking, enthusiastic, and confident. MJ knows how important it is for a client to find a home that is just right for them! She always has the customer’s best interest in mind as they navigate through the buying and selling processes.

I highly recommend MJ Thomas and trust her to do the right thing for her customers.